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How To Receive The Best Support Experience

We want to give you the best support experience possible so please note how the whole support process works.

1. You register with the support desk by clicking 'Submit ticket' in the top right-hand corner. This only has to be done once and takes seconds. If you have any issues doing this simply log in using Facebook.

2. You submit a support ticket and the system logs your ticket and sends a response to your email address. When submitting a ticket please give us as much information as possible such as your purchase receipt or the exact issue you are having. If your ticket is vague we will have to ask for more information which will delay the time it takes to come to a solution.

3. When we respond you will receive the response via email and it will also be logged in the support system. You can view all tickets and responses by logging into the support desk.

We never ignore any support request so please make sure you check your spam/trash if you don't see a response from the helpdesk system after logging a support ticket. Or login to the support desk with the account details you created in step 1.